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Computers and the internet have made our lives much more convenient, but since a small number of people can now do what it used to take a large number of people to complete, it’s created a lot of people who have become worried that society doesn’t really need them anymore.

Focusing too much on efficiency to the point where inefficient jobs and people become “enemies” may bring society to a point where our own bodies are seen as inefficient and troublesome due to the upkeep they require.

In April 2013, President Obama announced a large-scale project known as the Brain Initiative, which would seek to create a widespread understanding of the human brain’s functions. If this allows us to gain a scientific understanding of how the human brain works, it could allow us to recreate human minds within computers.

Ersona Syndrome is a sci-fi manga that depicts what could very well happen in the near future, where it has become possible to digitize the minds of dead humans and turn them into bodiless digital beings that live on eternally.

In a time like this, how do people see life? Freed from the stresses of maintaining their physical bodies, are they able to live out longer lives in peace?

And meanwhile, do human bodies become inefficient husks that are hastily abandoned without a second thought? Does that not run the risk of minimizing the value of human life? When humans find out they can live forever, do they look back on the importance of life? Even nowadays, the average life expectancy is growing longer and longer. We may not be immortal yet, but we’re making progress.

Ersona Syndrome depicts the pain and discord faced by humans as life becomes devalued. Will these people be able to find a new meaning of life? Was there ever any meaning to begin with? When people come to feel that their lives are meaningless, do the recurring touches of melancholy in our hearts also become nothing more than meaningless wounds?

This is a tale about our battle for a meaningful existence.

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Tatsurugi Shinya (25)

A community policeman at the North Tama station, and the main character of this manga. After failing to get along with his father, he left home early and moved from job to job until he decided to become a policeman so that he wouldn’t have to become a thief. He’s a bit lazy when it comes to his job, but can be serious in certain situations, and is skilled at hand-to-hand combat. He usually acts curt toward his younger sister Aki, but deep down, he really cares about her.
Tatsurugi Aki (17)

Shinya’s younger sister of 8 years, who currently attends high school. She isn’t related to Shinya by blood, but thinks of him as a real older brother. After getting her heart broken, she used Escort to commit suicide so that she could become an Ersona (digital person) and redo her life. She’s spoiled and likes attention, and can also be a bit reckless.

Kiku-ji Temple Priest

The spiritual leader of the homeless people who live by the river. He also used to financially support the homeless people in Tokyo who sold Escort.
He claimed that he was selling Escort to help people, but Tatsurugi picked up on the business scheme behind it all.

A homeless person who lives by the river, and who sells Escort. He acts as the leader of the Escort pushers, and trusts the priest from the bottom of his heart.

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#01 "The Death Drug"

Tokyo, 2074. Ersona technology has been created, which allows human minds to be digitized after death so they can live on forever. Eternal life has finally become a reality. Digitized people become bodiless Ersona who are promised eternal lives on peace within a virtual heaven known as Hearv. However, among them are those who are forced to leave the paradise for certain reasons and borrow cyborg bodies that allow them to return to the material world. These people are called Returners.

In the material world, the unemployment rate and suicide rate are both on the rise, along with the widespread usage of a euthanasia drug known as Escort. People have started to lose sight of the meaning of life, and dream of dying as soon as possible so that they can live peacefully in Hearv. These people suffer from what is known as “Ersona Syndrome.”

Shinya Tatsurugi, a policeman from the North Tama Station, has also begin to lose sight in his reason to live. After encountering a lone Returner, he asks himself: “Is there any point to living?”

But then, his little sister Aki gets her heart broken over a high school romance, and decides to commit suicide using Escort. Tatsurugi instantly dashes off to save his sister, but will he be able to save her?

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-Author : Hidari, Shinnosuke
twitter(@Hidari_ShinnosK) /

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-Manga History
- Dec/2014 Winner of the 3rd prize (Honorable Mention) in the 6th Manga on Web Storyboard Contest and winner of the Special Beaglee Prize

- Apr-Jun/2015 A crowdfunding project for manuscript costs was launched on FUNDIY, and met its goal.

- Aug/2015- Official Website Opened

- Oct/2015-
Published in Issue #3 of Manga on Web, an online magazine.

- May/2016- Japanese Language Volume 1 published

- Sep/2016 English Language Volume 1 side-A published

- Sep/2017 Japanese Language Volume 2 published

-Feb/2019 Japanese Language Volume 3 published

-Jul/2020 Japanese Language Volume 4 published

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